1. The School of Life: History of Capitalism
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  2. Noam Chomsky: Capitalism in Most Forms Is Inconsistent With Democracy
    Professor Chomsky explains how Capitalism is antithetical to democracy. There is no reason to the United States is the most ideal democratic state.
  3. VIDEO: 'Winner-takes-all' Voting Explained
    CGP Grey explains the problem with First-past-the-post voting systems (winner-takes-all) and how it ultimately leads to a two party system that is susceptible to gerrymandering. These issues are what most parliamentary and representative governments have. The system constricts voter choice and results in powerful party politics that often leads to poor representation and corruption because it can be easily manipulated.
  4. Robert Reich Explains Corporate Welfare
    Robert Reich discusses how regular people are losing to corporate welfare when their tax dollars should be funding investments for everyone.
  5. John Oliver discusses the death penalty.
    John reluctantly discusses how deeply flawed capital punishment is.

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