Fundamental Flaws in Rule of Law

By Scott T. Davis / October 31, 2014

The Unfortunate truth about governance is that those who govern are those who have achieved or inherited the status that allows them to do so. It would be unnatural for them to create and maintain a system that does not carry with it some advantages for themselves. It is because of true human nature that rule of law has been reserved for the poor, and the disadvantaged. An individual’s social-economic status is set at birth and guaranteed by law.
This is because blue collar crimes are more severely enforced than white collar crimes. Consequently, the rich and powerful remain powerful, thereby perpetuating a system that is favorable to their forms of 
“The Unfortunate truth about governance is that those who govern are those who have achieved or inherited the status that allows them to do so..”
rule breaking. This leads to rewards for those who hurt us the most. Corporations force entire countries to their knees for committing crimes that are, to them, cost efficient. For a corporation, a fine is a small price to pay for the billions that can be made from, healthcare fraud, savings and loan fraud, ecological destruction, food safety infractions and workplace injustices. Occupational deaths alone account for over 50,000 deaths per year. Now consider how many people die every year from prescription drugs (around 100,000 a year), heart disease (1 in 4 US deaths), and poverty (4.5 percent of US death). In contrast, the FBI estimates that burglary and robbery only costs the nation $3.8 billion a year. Suddenly the question becomes, with all the billions spent on law enforcement each year (largely attributed to the drug war)… why are we not enforcing the crimes that cause us the heaviest burden?
How do they get away with this? Bureaucracy is how, money is how, lobbying is how, public deception is how, over working is how. Bureaucracy takes accountability and spreads it all around the room, it's difficult to point fingers when everyone in the room is guilty. The response to this is to blame the organization and not the people within it. And it's not their fault, they were only doing their job, which is making the most profit for their shareholders. With no personal accountability, that pesky human consciousness won't get in their way. When what you are doing becomes wrong, no one will feel responsible because they are only part of a larger machine.
If you spend all your time and energy in the pursuit of profit, you’re bound to commit a few crimes and make quite a bit of cash. With all that money, criminal penalty becomes an afterthought. The norm is, if you hire enough lawyers, politicians and lobbyist, consequences become very little of your concern or with the right legislators, no concern at all. These are only external costs to corporate criminals.
These criminals also go unpunished because of their intricate campaigns of deception and oppression. This starts with an understood sweet spot of overworking the working class, keeping them (us) busy enough that they (we) do not have the time or energy to control their (our) environment. Keep them apathetic enough about corporate wrongdoing and they won't do anything about it. Also, trickery, just side with them (the working class) on a few moral issues and you will have enough of them on your side to keep the oppression in motion. The key component for the ruling class’ deception is turning them (us) against each other. With the little free time that we have, we, the working class will be so busy hashing it out, that the ruling class will be free to maintain the system that works best for them.