VA: A Crumbling Institution

By Trevor Blake

Obama and Race

By Scott T. Davis

Perosonhood V.

By Scott T. Davis

A Nation of Killers

By Scott T. Davis

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Scott T. Davis
Trevor Blake
The Alt Perspective is looking for forward thinking individuals to share their perspectives on a wide variety of subjects that have social/political relevance. Anything that you have given considerable thought is worth sharing with the world.
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Scott is the creator of The Alt. With a vision of bringing forward thinkers together, he plans to provide a space for individuals to share their ideas and gain new perspectives from others. Scott has a background in both political science and sociology. His writings focus on civil liberty and economic issues.
  Trevor brings to The Alt his perspective on important social issues through the eyes of a medical professional. Trevor has a passion for caring and wants to see government and medicine work for the individual, without being tied up in money interest and bureaucratic inefficiencies.